"Music is important to God.  He placed a book of music smack in the middle of the Bible: The Book of Psalms.  God has woven music into the very fiber of His greatest creation: Man. We are living songs whose lyrics bear witness to the artistry of the Master Composer....God!  Music was originally designed to bring glory to God. I use my music to bring praise to God, to heal the hurting, the confused, and those who feel hopeless.  I am merely an instrument, a conduit, to express the musical grace of God."  MP2

Maharold Peoples, Jr. - Artist, Songwriter, Producer

music philosophy

"The Christian Music Industry has grown exponentially.  Christian artists abound in number.  Everyone is trying to get the next "hit song", Grammy, Dove, or Stellar Award. Christian music can be heard on conventional radio, internet radio, television and movies.  I am excited that God's music is expressed in so many venues; but the greatest place it is being heard, is in the House of God. Thank God for America; a place we can freely express our love of God." MP2

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